About Me

Mark S. Wagner, Ph.D., ABN, FACPN, ABVE
I am a board certified clinical neuropsychologist with the American Board of Professional Neuropsychology. I have been licensed as a psychologist in Pennsylvania since 1982 and in New Jersey since 1983. I am also board certification as a vocational expert with the American Board of Vocational Experts.

I began my career as a clinical psychologist working with children and families. I had also worked a number of years with individuals presenting with various substance related problems. Just prior to starting my independent clinical practice, I had the pleasure of working with a number of neurologists treating patients with chronic headaches and mild traumatic brain injuries in the early 1980?s.

In the mid to late 1980?s, I started my own private practice in which I focused on the treatment of children, adolescents and adults. Additionally, I was also performing a significant number of neuropsychological evaluations. I had first trained in neuropsychology in the early 1980?s. Over time, within my practice I had noted that there was an increasing number of individuals presenting with problems associated with learning disabilities, neurovascular disorders and other acquired brain injuries. With this there was an increasing demand for neuropsychological evaluations.

The increasing demands for neuropsychological evaluations spurred along not only my continuing education and training in neuropsychology, but also in the area of vocational adjustment and adaptation to further assist individuals who consequential to an acquired brain injury were no longer able to return to the same form of work they had previously engaged in.

In the year 2000 after having spent a number of years considering returning to school to further my education and complete additional training in neuropsychology, I enrolled in the Fielding Graduate University program in Neuropsychology. Through this program I had the opportunity to work and train with some of the top neuropsychologists in the field from across the county. Since that time, all my energies have been focused on the application of my knowledge in assisting individuals having experienced various neuropsychological insults and also those presenting with learning disabilities and developmental disorders.

Having evolved as a neuropsychologist over the past 25 years, my interests are rather broad based. They range from the identification and remediation of learning disabilities in children, to that of working with adults and seniors presenting with various neurocognitive concerns. I am especially interested in the early diagnosis of neurocognitive difficulties as experienced by individuals suffering from head traumas, seizure disorders, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and multiple sclerosis.

Over the years, I have evaluated, treated and assisted many individuals presenting with various learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries. My focus has always been in helping to identify the strengths that the individual presents with, while also identifying ways of possibly overcoming or compensating for weaknesses that are experienced. With disabled workers I additionally focus on determining if the person may be able to return to previous forms of employment, or if there are alternative areas of educational or occupational pursuit that can be considered.

Apart from my general clinical neuropsychological practice, I am also a disability consultant for the State Office of Disability Determination in Pennsylvania; a vocational specialist with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania; and a psychological consultant with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. I have additionally provided for bonding and parenting capacity evaluations as well as expert testimony for the Philadelphia Department of Human Services; and neuropsychological consultations for the Department of Youth and Family Services in New Jersey.

At times my work as a clinical neuropsychologist has also resulted in my being called upon to provide expert testimony within the courts in relation to the neuropsychological functioning of individuals following traumatic brain injuries. My testimony has focused on explaining in non-technical language the strengths and weaknesses that the individual is presenting with.

Each individual that I have had the pleasure and opportunity to meet and evaluate within my practice is considered to be special and is treated with the utmost respect. My assessments are focused on addressing the concerns and issues that are presented by the individual or agency requesting the assessment. Following the completion of the assessment, a detailed report outlining the results and recommendations are provided. Feedback sessions are provided to further explain and answer questions, helping to further clarify the results. If there is a need for additional services that I am unable to provide for directly, I am able to make referrals to appropriate professionals and/or treatment facilities to meet the needs that have been identified.