Why Are Neuropsychological Evaluations Needed?

neuropsychological evaluationsTypically a neuropsychological evaluation is performed in order to assess behavioral and neurocognitive impairments resulting from a brain injury or medical condition impacting normal brain related functioning. Neuropsychological evaluations are also performed when there are questions with regard to developmental and/or learning difficulties that individuals have presented with.

The evaluation not only provides for an assessment of the individual’s present level of ability, but also helps to establish a baseline level of functioning that will allow for systematic comparisons across time, where changes in functional ability can be monitored. The results from the neuropsychological evaluation helps by way of providing for support in the planning and development of remedial educational and/or vocational rehabilitation programs; as well as possible psychological interventions and potentially other needed accommodations that may benefit the individual. The comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is additionally utilized in helping to understand the difficulties which the individual is presenting with and to further assist in strengthening through remediation areas of concern. The evaluation further helps in predicting the individual’s ability to resume prior lifestyle activities, especially following an acquired brain injury.

A neuropsychological evaluation is often recommended when an individual exhibits changes in behavior, personality or cognitive capacities which may be related to known or unknown factors. The neuropsychological evaluation is designed to assist the referring individual, physician, school or agency by providing a detailed evaluative report profiling the cognitive and behavioral strengths and deficiencies that are experienced by the individual.

The neuropsychological report that is developed often times serves as the basis for the development of an individualized rehabilitative and/or treatment plan. Those individuals who require assistance in more than one area to overcome their physical, emotional, educational or vocational difficulties are provided services or referred to appropriate resources.

The neuropsychological evaluation can be of tremendous assistance in helping the individual, family members and physicians understand the impact of the known or suspected difficulty experienced, on the individual’s everyday functioning.