What will the results of the neuropsychological evaluation tell me?

questionsThe ecological or practical implications from the results of a neuropsychological evaluation can provide for a more complete understanding of specific neurocognitive and neurobehavioral strengths and weaknesses experienced; contribute to decisions regarding the development of a differential diagnosis; help in formulating expectations with regard to prognosis; and also aide in the planning for rehabilitation.

Based upon the obtained qualitative as well as quantitative information that is obtained from the evaluation, educational and/or vocational planning and other interventions can be initiated. The information obtained can assist the individual in rejoining educational programs that they were participating in or in rejoining the workforce. Knowledge of the individual’s existing strengths and the anticipated impact of his/her limitations can assist in helping to tailor the individual?s rehabilitation, assisting in educational and work related adjustments as well as making adjustments within everyday functioning.

As with vocational interventions, the results from the neuropsychological evaluation can help in planning for special education programs to better meet the needs of the individual. This is not only useful with regard to the individual having experienced an injury or illness contributing to neurocognitive and neurobehavioral limitations, but this is also very useful in assisting individuals with developmental and also learning disabilities.

manThe importance of the role played by family, loved ones and friends can not be overlooked when focusing on the recovery and the adjustments needing to be made with regard to the individual having experienced an acquired brain injury. Accurate knowledge about the individual?s functional status may enable the family to recognize the need for changes within the household; and further assist in helping the family to accommodate for the needs that the individual is now presenting with.

The evaluation further provides an opportunity for the family to gain a better understanding of the possible limitations and continued strength that the individual possesses which will assist in the emotional processing and acceptance of restrictions that now may be realized. Awareness of needs and limitations within everyday functioning often assists families in providing needed supports and in planning for future assistance and treatment.