What Is Assessed in the Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child?

Typically the neuropsychological assessment addresses several aspects of functional ability inclusive of:

  • General Intellectual Processing of Verbal and Nonverbal Information
  • Achievement Skills
  • The Ability to Attend and Concentrate
  • Executive Skills Associated with Problem Solving, Planning and Organizing One’s Responses to Situational Demands
  • Learning and Memory Skills (Auditory and Visual)
  • Expressive and Receptive Speech and Language Skills
  • Visual Perceptual/Spatial and Visual Motor Skills
  • Sensory Perception Skills
  • Motor Coordination Skills
  • Behavioral/Emotional and Social Skills

two childrenPrior to the formal evaluation of the child, a detailed developmental history is obtained from the parent and/or guardian. Information is also requested from the child’s teacher and other professionals who may be working with the child. Prior evaluations that may have been performed are reviewed along with past medical records. Classroom observations may also be scheduled if appropriate.