Neuropsychological Vocational Expert Testimony

scales of justiceIndividuals undergoing a neuropsychological evaluation consequential to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at times also are in need of an expert opinion based upon the findings from the evaluation. The results of the neuropsychological evaluation often times are instrumental in helping put into proper perspective the individual’s current level of neurocognitive and neurobehavioral functioning when contrasted with prior levels of performance.

If called upon to proffer an opinion in relation to ongoing litigation, the facts associated with the individual’s current level of neuropsychological functioning will be established based upon the evaluative data obtained from the administered neuropsychological evaluation and the information reviewed (medical, educational, psychological and vocational histories).

The opinion provided is unbiased, based upon neuropsychological judgment and is reflective of the results obtained from the neuropsychological evaluation in respect to the individual’s reported history.

An interpretation of the facts relating cause and effect relationships with the data and information provided assists in forming the basis for the testimony related to each case.

Professional standards within the area neuropsychological assessment are defined and maintained in the rendering of an opinion. This is based upon the development of a thorough understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses identified with regard to the individual as well as available background history that is provided.

Opinions are communicated in a matter that is meant to educate, not to overwhelm in technical excess.